LDN calling

awesome week in an awesome city. click for more pics

rainbow Portobello <3 p="">

fave place to eat ( next to Primark Tottenham Court Road ) 

and sth cheaper that I can eat 24/7 and never get sick of <3 4="" nbsp="" p="" pounds="" pret="">

spend 5 pounds on this #pornfood waffle. never again ( so not worth it ) 

one of my fave  place, museum area ( and what is even better, they are for free :)

IPR press day 

 Hyde Park <3 nbsp="" p="">
underground photoshooting with Alice & Aida 

That one was gross, but almost everything in M&S is eatable and this whole thing cost 3 pounds, so it's a pretty awesome deal if u need to save up ( and who doesn't :). 

Disney store at Harrods <3 p="">

can somebody please get me those? ( Office exclusive, 60 pounds ) 

sneaked into a fancy bar upstaris just to see this :D 

 new LH hoodie coming soon

Brick Lane 

 how to save on coffee? take the filter one. it's stronger and cheaper ( 1 pound at Pret ) 
Brick Lane and it's unicorn 

5 pair of awesome socks for 4 pounds?! only in Primark

Alice <3 p="">
visiting ASOS HQ

my super duper friends 


  1. czy moge wiedziec, czym robisz zdj? i gdzie je przerabiasz?