DRSS in Hogwarts

Ever since I've heard about the Harry Potter studios couple of months ago, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I'm not the biggest HP fan on this planet, but I kind of grew up along with the books and movies so it feels a little bit sentimental. I still prefer Disneyland, but since I've taken shitload of pics and it made me watch all 8 movies when I got back home, here is what u missed:

The Warner Brother studios are located just an hour from London and u can buy a ticket with a return transport from the center in an awesome double decker bus. It's 30 pounds for the entrance and 60 with the transport. Not the cheapest tourist attraction out there, but tottaly worth it. 

 There are two studios ( named J & K hehe ) that were used for 10 years (!) during making of the whole series.
And luckily for us, they left the most important/famous set designs so we can feel like we're actually attending Hogwarts for a second. 
After watching a 10 min movie, the projection screen goes up and we can see the actuall entrance to the school. 
And we go inside <3 _="" nbsp="" p="">
And can eat breakfast with Gryffindors. 
and the profesors. 
Then we go into the big hall with big set designs, green rooms, costumes etc. 

 You can fly a broomstick and pay 20 pounds for a video ( wtf, that's way too much ) 

 You can even take a picture with Hedgewick!

 and Hagrid 

 gross butterbeer for 3 pounds ( tastes like sparkling water with toffenut flavour )

And now the best part. Diagon Alley! That's the moment when u feel like u're in the movie. 

At the end, u can see how much work it took to design all the places, 

especially Hogwarts. 

They made a huuuuge ( like 3 m high ) super detailed model of the school, so they can film it with a green screen behind. It took almost a year to make it (!). 

Then, u need couple of hundrets of pounds to spend in the gift shop so u can have all the chocolate frogs u ever wanted. 

And then, with a huge debit on your credit card, u can safely go back home. 
Avada kedavra.