instagram #4

it seems like I'm a much better instagramer than blogger nowadays, 
so this is what I have been doing this week:
 morning walk on the grass, fresh grape juice, new Local Heroes iPhone cases, lunch at Buffet Centralny, PEZ candies, vanilla ice cream + magic stars, flowers at Local Heroes HQ, hmm.. nevermind, new Coffee Heaven summer drinks, my flying friend, food, even more food, today's screening of Political Dress at Miasto Cypel,  my windowsill, new Local Heroes stuff
if you want to see more of this crap, find me on instagram 'areta'

I'm in love with my new converse & superga sneakers


  1. Ha, a ja właśnie w tej chwili popijam winogronowy Marwit :)

  2. i just love instagram diaries!!! i must follow :)

  3. Without you, I wouldn’t have had some fascinating conversations with the middle class Muslim mother of two in Indonesia. Is that for sale? get instagram likes