ok, I must admitt that this one made me sad. realy sad....  ;/
I like Isabel deisgns way to much to be ok with the fact that they more and more high street stores are ripping off her ideas and getting away with if so easily 


  1. I don't see it as rip-off's. I see it as making popular styles more affordable to others. People who can afford the higher-end (original) styles will still buy those, and for those like me who can't or don't want to pay that high price like the option of a more affordable and probably more wearable version, because let's face it; once the style goes out of style, I won't have regrets since I spent less in the end.

  2. Mierzyłam te botki w Aldo i na nodze niestety szału nie robią.

  3. mnie rowniez jest smutno.
    aldo chyba przesadza, zrobili Lity który wygladaja tak samo jak JC. doslownie tak samo