I had a crush on those American Apparel pouches for a while now but everytime I looked at the price tag I was telling myself that I can do that on my own for the fraction of that exaggerated figure. 
I even have bought some second hand leather skirt-that-use-to-be-something-else but for over a year  that 50 meters to my mum's sewing machine was somehow out-of-the-way. 
So when I saw these beauties at H&M for only 9.90 pln ( 2,5 €! ) I bought all three of them. I think there should be a gold one too somewhere.  They aren't as big a the AA ones, but still they are perfect for keeping ur stuff in  order-alike condition ( even if it's only for first 5 minutes :). 

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  1. super są! lecę po nie jutro do sklepu! to kosmetyczki? czy torebeczki? gdzie ich szukać w H&M? <3 <3 <3