Owners and brothers, Laurent and Arik Bitton bring their background in the music industry to their designs. They gained experience in fashion while running the family's business, and in 2004 decided to launch their own line.

IRO’s concept was formulated by two men with a similar wish; to give a natural look to the urban woman by offering her endless options of simple, yet bold clothing, enabling her to transform from day to night.

The Bitton brothers are always focused on the opportunity to capture the essence of any unique and captivating woman from the streets ; from a new concept of Tokyo stores to an intimate concert of young New Yorkers on the rise, they made themselves society spectators in order to get the vibe they were looking for, and then leave their distinctive feature on it.

This “distinctive feature” for IRO is the rock-and-roll influence that this duo puts into their creations. As the Bitton brothers like to say: “We love fashion as it lets everyone be loved”

Their status has gone from being a small and intimate label to a full-fledged brand, desired and sought out by every woman searching for casual yet distinguished, luxe garments. The brand’s special identity: accessible fashion that gives freedom to style, allowing everyone’s personal approach shine.

Already a huge success in its native France, IRO boutique corners can be found in some of the world’s most prestigious department stores such as Printemps and Le Bon Marche. Since then, it was necessary to establish IRO in the trendiest areas of Paris: Le Marais and in the nearby cosy St germain.

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