how to buy less

I've just found a clipping from one of the magazines, where designer Tommy Hilfiger wrote up this chic-check questionnaire. I found it really helpful, especially during my shopping spree in UK :)
Only make a purchase if you can answer yes to all.

1. Does this truly fit my body, not just the body I wish I had ?

2. Am I itching to put it on right now ?

3. Would someone who sees me on the street think ,She looks great'?

4. Will I want to wear this next month, next seasson, next year ?



  1. rzeczywiście bardzo pomocne pytania:-) gdybym je sobie zawsze zadawała, kupowałam o połowę mniej. może czas zacząć...

  2. Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog !!

    Wowww,great tips to think about before buying something:)

    And I love love your outfit girl ! The furry coat and the layering with your scarf too,its gorgeous<3

    Adore your style,adding you to my blogroll if you don't mind !